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Product Management and Launch

You’ve focused on creating your disruptive technology and now you need someone to take it to market. Or perhaps you’re further upstream and have a new product introduction (NPI) or product line extension (PLE) to move through the development process. No matter where you are on the spectrum, BMMG brings product management expertise to your product development efforts.

Acting as your upstream marketing manager, BMMG can attend teams, gather Voice of the Customer, write customer requirements documents, design labels and packaging, write Instructions for Use, and further the product development process to meet your deadlines and revenue projections.

When the product is entering the final development stages, BMMG can develop a robust launch plan with advertising and promotion, messaging, pricing, sales training, and other components to drive awareness and generate leads.

BMMG can help with:

  • Product Management
  • VOC/Customer Specifications
  • Packaging/Labeling
  • IFU Development
  • Pricing/Margin Analysis
  • Launch Planning
  • Product Training


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