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Outreach Services

Your innovative technology is now installed and in-serviced at a hospital, ambulatory surgical center or physician practice. Your technology’s presence, however, does not automatically equate to patient referrals. True, your customers have invested in the clinical merits of your technology, yet providing additional support for education and outreach to referring physicians, patients and the media is your obligation as a provider of disruptive technology that hopes to change the existing standard of care.

The team at Bichsel Medical Marketing Group is highly experienced at working through technology providers to support their customers (hospitals, ASCs, practices) to effectively promote their recently acquired medical innovations within their catchment area.

Outreach services are structured to be compliant and operate within legal and regulatory guidelines.

BMMG can help with:

  • Referring Physician Toolkits
  • Product Collateral
  • Disease & Treatment
  • Education Procedural Videos
  • Market Analyses
  • Industry Alliances
  • Patient Guides
  • Procedural Animations
  • Patient Stories
  • Physician Search Portals
  • Cooperative Advertising
  • Community Events
  • Media Kits


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