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Virtually Recreate the Dynamic of Bringing Healthcare Professionals Together to Network, Learn About, and Discuss Your Innovation

Why Is This Important?

As a medtech marketer, you already know the value of
face-to-face experiences (in-person or virtual) with your
customers. These engagements allow you to raise brand awareness, share clinical data, and solicit input from thought leaders to inform research and development efforts.

Small industry-led events are important to healthcare
providers (HCPs), too, as there is mutual recognition that the partnership between industry and HCPs leads to medical advancement and innovation. “Physicians often have great solution ideas, but not necessarily accessible connections to help bring the ideas to life,”1 says Meg Barron, digital health strategy director, American Medical Association.

  1. AMA to Launch Physician Innovation Network. 2017. Accessed online May 5, 2020, at physicianinnovationnetwork/

Tools You Can Download for This Strategy

• Use our Speaker Directory template to create your own!

• Implement our best practices guide for virtual meeting success – The Art of Hosting Virtual Meetings: Adaptation and Differentiation in the New World of Virtual Meetings.

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