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Develop New Approaches to Digitally Communicate Directly to Your Targeted Customer and/or Support Your Sales Team in Being that Conduit

Why Is This Important?

As medtech marketers, we tend to exceptionalize our marketing strategy. We tell ourselves that our situation is not the same as consumer marketing, so we can’t do the same things. We can’t be as responsive, as personalized, or as empathetic. This has set us back in many ways. As health system president Dr. Stephen Klasko observed, “I think we were always wondering what the big disruption would be
that got us to join the consumer revolution, and I think this is it.”² 

The imperative is clear – stay relevant by updating your content marketing plan or get left behind.

2. Dyrda L. ‘This is healthcare’s Amazon moment’: Dr. Stephen Klasko’s 5 predictions on healthcare delivery post-COVID-19. Becker’s Hospital Review. 2020, Accessed online May 8, 2020, at

Tools You Can Download for This Strategy

Guidelines for Resilience
• Customer Identification Tool – Persona Guide
• Add some fun! Lighten the mood and lift your team’s spirits before a brainstorming session by teeing up this classic melody from Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin
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