Elevate the Importance of Your Innovation to Healthcare Leadership/Administration Such that Your Offering Is Seen as Essential and Merits the Mindshare and Monies That Are Highly Protected

Why Is This Important?

Year over year, financial challenges rank as the top concern among hospitals CEOs,3 but the first half of 2020 has exacerbated this concern even further with systemwide anxiety about loss of revenue, infection control, shifting sites of care, and other unique circumstances. Medical device companies must be prepared to demonstrate their overarching value through the lens of a hospital CEO, COO, CMO, CNO, CIO, and CFO (collectively, the “c-suite”), as it becomes even more vital for savvy medical marketers to tie their innovations to a critical discussion topic for those in the c-suite.

3. American College of Healthcare Executives, 2019. Top issues confronting hospitals. Accessed online April 27, 2020, at https://www.ache.org/-/media/ache/learning-center/research/ache-top-issues_2019.pdf.

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