Reinventing Medical Marketing

While we may have once followed the “if we build it, they will come” philosophy of advertising and promotion, we now know that individualized messaging that resonates with the receiver is what will prompt action. But, how best can we accomplish this? As healthcare delivery has changed, so too must we change our marketing approach and strategies. As patients become increasingly involved in healthcare decisions, our ability to provide clear messages, education, and the ‘so what’ behind our products, services, and health offerings must be clear and relevant to the intended recipients.


Virtually recreate HCP networking 

Develop new ways to digitally communicate 

Facilitate virtual product engagement 

Support your customer’s patient interactions

Elevate your importance with administration

Reinventing Medical Marketing is our guiding you – as a marketer – to ask yourself how you might:

1. Virtually recreate the dynamic of bringing healthcare professionals together to network, learn about, and discuss your innovation,

2. Develop new approaches to digitally communicate directly to your targeted customer and/or support your sales team in being that conduit,

3. Facilitate engagement with your product in a manner that replaces or augments that which would have been possible at a medical conference or via your field representative,

4. Support your customer and the entire care team in their own changing environment of patient interactions and the explosion of telehealth/telemedicine channels, and

5. Elevate the importance of your innovation to healthcare leadership/administration such that your offering is seen as essential and merits the mindshare and monies that are highly protected.