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Clinical Adoption

By Eric Carter, Education, Adoption & Performance (EAP) Service Line Leader

You have worked tirelessly to bring your vision to reality. Your novel medical device will disrupt the standard of care, and give physicians/ patients more options for diagnosing/ treating your select indications. Your launch goes better than you could have dreamed, but you soon see that your medical device leases are not being renewed (subscription model), or the orders for consumables or diagnostic tests is dropping at an alarming rate- a rate that will severely impact the economic model that you built for the business. What happened? Safety issue? None at all. Quality issues? Nope. Did the device deliver on what it claims it can do? Absolutely! Moreover, the physicians who were part of the buying decision loved it.

What could be happening is that the physicians who were part of the buying decision may not be the same physicians who order the intervention on a routine basis. Even if the ordering physicians fully understand and buy into the new technology- you won their minds, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they bought into cultural / procedural changes that are also required. That is, you haven’t won their hearts.

We have found that to drive device usage/ sustained testing services, that additional clinical adaption sessions can be very advantageous.

These sessions benefit the medical device supplier by:

These sessions are delivered onsite by an experienced facilitator. The first part of these sessions aligns the physicians on the appropriate patient demographic, patient compatibility, and under what conditions/ signs/ symptoms that they desire to utilize the novel medical device. The second part is to construct a decision tree/ algorithm based on the collective insight of the ordering physicians.


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