If you doubted it, stop. It’s all about content marketing.

Stories from a Content Marketing Career

Content has driven much of my career. Content marketing has also had a unique relationship with digital marketing since its inception back in the early days of the world wide web. As my career has also been in digital marketing, I have seen the interrelationship of these twin strategies frequently. I have had countless discussions over the course of my career when I’ve been approached by someone wanting the latest digital marketing technology to solve their business problem. They inevitably wanted the fastest and newest technology solution with lots of bells and whistles. Reflecting their enthusiasm, I would pull out my pen and tablet to take notes. With a smile I would respond, “Great, what do you want this [insert trendy tool] to say?” That was when the conversation paused. “We don’t have content yet,” they would reply.

Content, Content, Content

That’s when my work began. Creating content. Because 23 years ago, Bill Gates was right. In 1996, he famously wrote an article called Content is King. In it, he talked about all the various forms of content and the self-publishing revolution that was to come. You can read that full article here. Two decades later, we all know he was right, and we’ve consumed more content than likely any of us would have predicted. Much of that content may not be good content, but it is nevertheless content and is the fuel of everything digital.

Content Marketing Reigns Supreme

Leaving the critique of content aside, we’ve assembled a few of the most astounding facts about just how much content has reigned over our lives since Bill Gates wrote his famous essay. From the number of posts or emails every second to the compounding collection of data taking over the world, we think you’ll find our Content is King Infographic worth looking over. If you need help making sense of technology or defining a way to create your content in the right path for your audience, please reach out to us. We’ll be glad to sit down and have a discussion, pen and paper in hand!

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Ellie Martinez has 25 years’ experience defining and implementing a full range of multi-channel and award-winning online programs in the medical device space. She has worked with disperse teams at all levels of an organization to define marketing goals, set measurement criteria, define and approve content, develop multi-media assets, and launch a multitude of digital programs such as product micro-sites, email marketing campaigns, international and localized landing pages, social media programs, and SEO/SEM for organizations of all sizes.